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Filorga Skin Absolute Day – 50ml


For daytime skin renewal using enzymes to utilise the sun’s rays.

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Buy Absolute Day Online

Buy Absolute Day Online is a luxury anti-ageing cream designed to work during your daily schedule. Formulated using enzymes, hyaluronic acid and the patent NCTF.

Extremozymes work miraculously to convert the sun’s Ultra violet and infrared rays into useful skin energy, whilst also correcting the role of the skin cells to keep the skin from ageing.

Photolyase enzyme, also activated by daylight, restores the skin’s DNA to stop premature ageing.

A white sapphire related extract detoxifies the skin to make it more purified.

What do I receive in the box?

1 x 50 ml Filorga Skin Absolute Day Cream

(Paraben free)

What are the Benefits of Skin Absolute Day?

Skin Absolute Day is recommended for:

Rejuvenating dehydrated skin to make it more moist and plump
Skin renewal and repair
Healthy glowing complexion
When should Skin Absolute Day be applied?

Use daily in the morning on cleansed skin. You will see optimum results in 30 days.

Use alongside Skin Absolute Night cream designed for night application.

  • Buy Absolute Day Online  uses the energy of light to create a pioneering anti-aging formula that fights visible signs of aging. An enzyme activated by daylight counteracts wrinkles, skin spots, loss of elasticity and unevenness.An extract from dandelions protects against harmful environmental influences and provides an improved radiance.

    The skin’s own defense mechanisms are strengthened and the skin is protected from UV and infrared radiation. White sapphire and optical soft focus provide an incomparable luminosity effect. With Skin Absolute Day, the skin appears smooth, tightened, refined and relaxed.

    – Provides the skin with long lasting moisture activates the repair system of the skin
    – Makes the skin look younger and fresher
    – Improves skin texture and complexion Ingredients, including Extremozymes® complex

    Photolyase enzyme – activated repair systems in the DNA of the skin
    Hyaluronic acid and NCTF® complex – for intense hydration
    Fructan plant extract – makes the skin supple structurally
    White Sapphire – lightens the skin and makes it youthful, fresh


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