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Filorga Skin Absolute Night – 50ml


Renew skin at night to make it firmer, whilst erasing dark spots

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Buy Absolute Night Online is a luxury anti-ageing cream designed to work as you sleep. Formulated using extracts of plants, brown algae, meteorite, Vitamin C and the patent NCTF.

Collagen Peptide helps renew the skin inner wall structures, whilst other active ingredients regulate melanin pigmentation levels.

This luxury black cream works magically and ensures you wake up to brighter looking skin.

What do I receive in the box?

1 x 50 ml Filorga Skin Absolute Night Cream

(Paraben free)

What are the Benefits of Skin Absolute Night?

Skin Absolute Night is recommended for:

Rejuvenating tired skin overnight using the brown algae extracts
Skin renewal and making skin firmer
Erasing dark spots and regulating optimum pigmentation
When should Skin Absolute Night be applied?

Use daily in the evening on cleansed skin, before going to bed. You will begin to see in a few weeks, that skin feels plumper, brighter and smoother.

Use alongside Skin Absolute Day designed for morning application.

Target signs of ageing whilst you sleep with the Filorga Skin-Absolute Night Cream; an innovative anti-ageing treatment. Boasting a luxurious, black formula, the night cream effortlessly melts into skin and treats it to a blend of intelligent, anti-ageing technology.

Brown Seaweed and Meteorite extract combine to help regenerate skin cells at night, whilst a Botox-like active works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to leave the complexion smooth and youthful. Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and a potent collagen peptide work in synergy to ensure skin is visibly firm with improved elasticity.

A brightening active tackles dark spots by visibly reducing their size and intensity, whilst Vitamin C reveals an even and uniform complexion. Expect to wake to radiant skin that is nourished and youthful.


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