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Filorga Age Peel – 20ml + 5 towels of 4ml


A safe alternative to medial peeling techniques to create new skin

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Buy Age Peel Online

Buy Age Peel Online is a revolutionary skin resurfacer which is easy to apply with effective results to create an appearance that is flawless.

A superior alternative to invasive medical peeling techniques.

What do I receive in the box?

1 x 20 ml Age Peel containing hydroxy-acids (glycolic, lactic, malic, pyruvic, salicylic, azelaic)

5 x 4 ml towels

What are the Benefits of Age Peel?

Age Peel is recommended for:

  • An even complexion
  • Improved skin texture
  • Resurfaced skin appearance

How should I use Age Peel?

Use once a week only and on cleansed skin.

Age Peel is applied using a 2 stage process.

Stage 1: Use a pre peel wipe (contain Papain enzyme) over the skin to gently exfoliate it.

Stage 2: Apply the gel peel to the face avoiding the delicate skin tissues on the eye contour area.

Stage 3: Leave on the face for up to 6 minutes, during which there will be a slight tinging which means the product is taking effect.

Stage 4: Rinse with cotton wool and water.

Avoid the sun for 2 days following treatment to prevent any adverse reactions with the sun rays.

What results should I expect to see with Age Peel?

After being applied once a week for 3 weeks, 54 women reported 81% more newer skin, 77% more refined skin texture and 75% more even complexion.


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