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Hyaluronic acid is an essential part of the extracellular matrix of many tissues including the dermis and plays an important role in tissue growth, development, and wound healing .Buy Aqufill Medium Online

Hyaluronic acid is hygroscopic and absorbs water extensively, thus creating volume. Treatment with HA fillers is popular, as they are biocompatible.

The product features include easy modeling to shape as desired, strong viscosity and effective gel hardness. These produce long lasting results that utilise triple-staged cross-linking of Hyaluronic acid molecules, with a more stable structure.

Uses include correcting nasolabial folds, nose and cheek, chin and forehead modelling, laugh lines and contouring.
Needle size is 27G 13mm

Aqufill is fabricated utilizing licensed Triple Staged Cross-Linking Technology (TCL). This creative interaction gives simple to shape, durable fillers with expanded consistency and cohesiveness.

When infused into the skin it makes a ‘container’ that is more impervious to characteristic biodegradation of HA. It likewise has high hydrophilic capacity that gives better volumizing results less filler utilized. Aqufill depends on non-creature unadulterated cross-connected hyaluronic corrosive intended to treat assortment of skin conditions.

Hyaluronic corrosive utilized shows great resistance and biocompatibility with human skin as it is normally found in human tissues.

Aqufill Medium contains 20mg/ml of profoundly cross-connected HA and is infused into profound dermis/subcutaneous utilizing 27G needle. This filler is utilized to get medium profound wrinkles and overlap. It smooths glabella and brow lines and fills nasolabial folds.

This filler can likewise be utilized to shape and address cheeks, jaw and nose just as for lip improvement and forming.

Results are moment and rely upon person’s skin properties however normally last between 12-year and a half.


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