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Hyaluronic acid is an essential part of the extracellular matrix of many tissues including the dermis and plays an important role in tissue growth, development, and wound healing. Buy Aqufill Soft Online

Hyaluronic acid is hygroscopic and absorbs water extensively, thus creating volume. Treatment with HA fillers is popular, as they are biocompatible.

The product features include easy modeling to shape as desired, strong viscosity and effective gel hardness. These produce long lasting results that utilise triple-staged cross-linking of Hyaluronic acid molecules, with a more stable structure.

Uses include correcting crow’s feet, earlobes, perioral wrinkles, glabella lines and forehead lines.
Needle size is 30G 13mm

Aqufill® is created using authorized Triple Staged Cross-Linking Technology (TCL). This innovative connection offers easy to frame, suffering fillers with extended thickness and cohesiveness. When imbued into the skin it makes a ‘holder’ that is more impenetrable to regular biodegradation of HA. It moreover has high hydrophilic limit that outfits better volumizing results with less filler used. Aqufill relies upon non-animal unadulterated cross-associated hyaluronic destructive expected to treat collection of skin conditions. Hyaluronic destructive used shows incredible flexibility and biocompatibility with human skin as it is ordinarily found in human tissues.

Aqufill Soft contains 20mg/ml of medium cross-associated HA and is injected into shallow dermis using 30G needle. This filler is used to treat shallow lines and wrinkles. It smooths crow’s feet, perioral wrinkles, glabella and temple lines. It can in like manner be used to shape and deliver ear ligament and to fill wrinkles and wrinkles on the neck.

Results are second and depend upon individual’s skin properties yet ordinarily last between 12-18 months.


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