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Filorga Skin Perfusion Cleansing Oil 500ml



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Buy Cleansing Oil Online A light coconut-based cleansing oil that removes makeup and cleanses the skin, leaving the skin soft to the touch.The oil turns into a milk upon contact with water. It has a light, refreshing scent of violet and chamomile.

Cleansing oil that removes all types of makeup.
Moisturises and cleanses the skin.
Coconut-based cleansing agents.

Filorga Skin Perfusion CAB Cleansing Oil is an effective light coconut-based cleansing oil. Filorga CAB Cleansing Oil will remove all types of make-up, cleanse the skin and leave it soft and nourished.

The pack consists of:

1 x 500ml bottle

Benefits of Filorga Skin Perfusion CAB Cleansing Oil:

Suitable for all skin types

Removes all types of make up

Moisturises and cleanses the skin

Buy Cleansing Oil Online for the face, developed by the specialists of the famous French brand Filorga, will allow you to touch the world of absolute purity. Thanks to its balanced delicate formula, the product thoroughly removes all cosmetics and leaves no chance for dirt, while providing the skin with delicate care. When applied to the face, the oily consistency turns into a delicate emulsion, filling the skin with life-giving moisture and making it incredibly soft. But the main thing is that the product does not violate the delicate hydrolipid balance, providing comfort.
Features of Skin Perfusion Cleansing Oil  from Filorga brand:
– designed to remove decorative cosmetics, including waterproof;
– suitable for all skin types, including those prone to sensitivity;
– contains mild cleaning ingredients;
– removes dirt and keratinized particles of the skin;
– does not violate the hydrolipid balance;
– forms a weightless protective veil on the surface of the epidermis, strengthening the skin barrier;
– cleans the mouths of the pores;
– does not leave greasy and oily film;
– equipped with a practical dispenser.

Mode of application

apply to dry face with massage movements. Wash off with water.


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