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Buy Cutegel Max Online

Buy Cutegel Max Online relies on crosslinking agent BDDE, nucleic acids and pyrogenic agents. Completely safe, viscoelastic and homogeneous, as well as being easy to apply.

Clinically proven to satisfy medical implants over a duration of 5 years and is now used in over 1.5 million treatments without allergic reactions.

Sterile gel comprising physiological crystal clear – devoid of cross-linking agent BDDE cross-linked hyaluronic acid. The product is packed in sterile form of a pre-filled syringe provided with two needles UTA. UTA needle has a greater bandwidth, which increases the fluidity of injection and allows for a reduction in pressure on the piston 35% normally used.

Volume: 1.1 ml of

hyaluronic acid 20 mg / g

phosphate solution pH 7 qs / g

Particle size: 1200 to 1400 m

UTA needle 23 G

depth of injection: the deep layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue

Buy Cutegel Max Online makes volume treatments in the facial area even easier. This filler works on the basis of 3D cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which enables ideal volume development thanks to its large particle strength. The product was developed for the treatment of volume loss in the facial area and performs excellently especially in the nose and chin area, but also on the forehead. The strong moisture-binding effect of hyaluronic acid is used as the active principle. It attracts water and stores it in the tissue. The treated skin areas not only receive an ideal supply of moisture from within, but also regain lost volume. The high elasticity of Cutegel MAX is related to the biphasic formulation. Cutegel MAX is wonderfully malleable and enables results exactly as desired. The product is injected into the subcutaneous tissue.

The Cutegel Product Range

Cutegel is a product range that understands hyaluronic acid fillers and uses cutting-edge technology to create new possibilities in facial treatments. At the heart of the portfolio are four products, each with different hyaluronic acid particle strengths. Depending on the desired effect and the area of the face to be treated, a filler can be chosen that is optimally suited to these needs. From smoothing the first skin lines to the targeted filling of volume, the products in this line cover all application purposes. Top results are no coincidence with Cutegel, but are based on the careful production. All products in this line are characterised by special viscoelasticity and long durability. They are also easy to use, which makes treatment even more comfortable for patients. The highest level of safety is standard at Cutegel. Only certified hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is used in production. Thorough cleaning procedures ensure that there are no residues, which minimises the risk of allergic reactions. The uniform particle density in Cutegel products facilitates treatment and contributes to an ideal result.


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