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The new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum reveals the femininity of a sensual floral. Buy Dior Miss Dior Its heart is a floral declaration that combines the beauty of Grasse rose with the boldness of Damascus rose, both wrapped in a ribbon of fresh notes of Calabrian bergamot.

This handcrafted creation is woven with rosewood from French Guiana and pink pepper from Reunion Island for heightened character. A Miss Dior that will leave you lovestruck.

Dior has created strong partnerships with Hollywood celebrities and social media influencers, working closely with these individuals to reach more demographics and re-establish its identity as a new, modern brand, despite the fact that it has been around for a while.

This has allowed the brand to portray a more populist image and attract a wider audience. The brand has worked with and dressed contemporary style icons like Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong’o, who may resonate with millennials.

Dior has effectively implemented social media into their marketing communication strategy, in which images and videos from campaigns are shared on both the official Dior profile, and on the celebrity ambassadors’ social media pages.

An example of this success is seen in the Secret Garden campaign featuring Rihanna. In this campaign, Rihanna is seen dancing to a song from her album (Only If For a Night) through a hall of mirrors. By being associated with Rihanna’s song, the company created a sense of association with her brand, which was beneficial to the company as she was ranked as the most marketable celebrity in 2016.

Despite the reach not being completely suitable to the Dior target audience, collaborating with the likes of Rihanna allows the company to engage with more of the market, as Rihanna’s social media following is four times larger than that of the fashion house.


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