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Diorific Ange Bleu, the legendary lip accessory with an Haute Couture finish, holds the signature of Dior glamour in its jewel-like gold case Buy Diorific Ange Bleu.


A unique formula in rich shades with a luminous, long-lasting matte finish and perfectly shaped and defined lips to create a captivating, sophisticated look.

How to Apply

To prolong hold and define the lips, line the contour with Dior Contour in the same shade as your Diorific lipstick, or colour in the lip surface for more intense makeup and longer wear. Then apply Diorific directly on the lips.

One of the reasons for which the band was unable to break through into the British market was because they sang in French. Ange eventually released an English-speaking version of its fifth album Par les fils de Mandrin (By the sons of Mandrin), which was hard to find and sold poorly, although this version has since been made available on CD.

Unfortunately, after three albums, the quality of creation had started to decrease, and Par les fils de Mandrin was probably not a good choice to try to break into the British market.

Following Par les fils de Mandrin and the live double album Tome VI, the band issued a mellotron–centered album, Guet-apens, and then had a more rock-oriented change of direction, although various progressive reformations occurred over the years, e.g. for the 1992 album Les larmes du Dalaï-Lama.

Sponsored by the French radio RTL, Ange relentlessly toured until the end of 1977, welcoming an average of 5,000 to 6,000 listeners per show.

During their first years (generally regarded as the best ones), the other three members of the band were Jean-Michel Brézovar on guitar and flute, Gérard Jelsch on drums, and Daniel Haas on bass (and acoustic guitar). In 1995, Ange played their farewell tour.


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