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Buy Figurha Intenso Online

Buy Figurha Intenso Online is recommended for filling of medium to deep wrinkles, deep folds and for volume creating.
Treatment areas:
– Nasolabial folds
– Marionette lines
– Nose remodeling
Molecule size is 900-1100 μm. It is to be injected into the deep dermis or subcutaneous with 25G or 27G needles / cannula.

It is presented in a luxury designed box with 1 graduated syringe of 1.25 ml.

Buy Figurha Intenso Online is a sterile, transparent, injectable gel which contains premium quality hyaluronic acid, with homogeneous structure. Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate)-HA is from non-animal origin, derived from bio-fermentation.
It contains 20% cross-linked HA (20mg/ml) and BDDE<2 ppm. BDDE is the safest and less toxic cross-linking agent.
Molecular weight is ultra high (3 milion Daltons). This feature and the fact that is cross -linked HA, increase the resistance to degradation by hyaluronidases and thus maximize the maintaining duration of the filler in the tissue.

FigurHA is a great tool that can be use for the treatment of nasolabial folds. It can help you increase facial volume as well. FigurHA is a complete line of anti-aging dermal fillers based on highly cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (20mg/ml). It is create using the latest Hybrid MobyTM technology combining both monophasic cross-linking and biphasic gel properties for longer lasting results. FigurHA range effectively treats all signs of aging from filling superficial wrinkles and lines to facial contouring and restoring volume for youthful and healthy skin. But

Technology used provides smooth gel of high viscoelasticity that’s easy to inject and highly resistant to degradation. It is also one of the purest injectable HA gels on the market. All FigurHA fillers contain 1.25 ml of the product in each syringe. But

FigurHA Intenso is used for filling medium to deep wrinkles, deep folds and skin depressions and for facial volume creation. It is also use for nose reshaping.

So FigurHA Intenso is a flexible and easy to mould gel with molecule sizes ranging between 900-1100 μm. It is injected into the deep dermis or subcutaneous layer with 25G or 27G needle/cannula.

Results are instant and depend on individual’s skin properties.


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