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Buy Filorga X-HA Online

Eradicate wrinkles and improve your natural Skin volume with the first hyaluronic filler of its kind, Buy Filorga X-HA Online. This solution is a natural anti ageing formula which provides long lasting results and happy individuals confident within their skin.

Ingredients and concentration:

23 mg/ml of highly cross-linked, non-animal, hyaluronic acid.

Where do I inject it?

Inject into cheekbones to give them volume and enhanced shape, whilst improving your overall facial contours. The gel can be sculpted into the desired tissues to reshape the face contours.

What are the benefits of using Filorga X-HA Volume?

Improve natural curve in lips
Improve volume of cheekbones without any surgery
Restore volume in the chin and temples too.
What do I get in the box?

2 prefilled sterile 1ml syringes
4 sterile needles 27G1/2

Dermal filler Fillmed Buy Filorga X-HA Online has a high viscosity of hyaluronic acid which is helpful regarding elimination of deep wrinkles and restoration of the natural contour of the face. It is actively used in contour plastics. In 2006, the “Filorga” company was one of the first to receive the CE mark of quality and safety and ISO 13485 marking, which fully meets the requirements of the European Union.

Over time, the signs of aging begin to appear on the human face, the first of which are wrinkles, as a result of mimic movements and photo-irradiation. Then, face oval and cheeks are sagging, nasolabial folds appear, as well as creases around the eyes.

Fillers help not only eliminate wrinkles, but also make changes in the outline of the nose and chin, raise cheekbones and model the face oval. Experienced cosmetologists and plastic surgeons use gels to correct skin imperfections in the delicate area around the eyes, which requires extensive experience and careful evaluation of the tissue condition.

Fillmed (Filorga) company proposed an innovative solution – Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA VOLUME filler for injections based on hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin – an analog of the natural component of human skin. Dermal filler Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA VOLUME differs in ease of use, in other words, it is easy to obtain the expected result and long-term effect. However, that positive outcome directly depends on the technique of agent injection and the experience of the cosmetologist.

The main advantages of filler Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA VOLUME usage are:

  • a deep correction of wrinkles and folds
  • remodeling of the lost volume
  • restoring the contour of the face without surgical intervention
  • correcting the shape of the cheekbones, chin, cheeks
  • tightening the face oval
  • reducing the risk of unwanted side-effects effects in the form of edema and redness after contour plastic.

You can buy Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA VOLUME online easily at an affordable price at EuroMex Internet store with fast and quality shipping.

The gel is very viscous – it helps to eliminate deformation and quickly reach the desired volume. Fillmed (Filorga) X-HA VOLUME is injected into the deep layer of the dermis, subcutaneous fat and over the periosteum, and, thanks to its special visco-elastic properties, ideally fills channels. High degree of intermolecular binding and excellent homogeneity of hyaluronic acid makes the drug-resistant to cleavage, which provides a stable therapeutic effect that lasts from year to year and a half.


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