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Buy Hyafila with Lidocaine Online

Buy Hyafila with Lidocaine Online Plus is for fine lines and has many characteristics; it has consistent injecting pressures for Doctors and an affordable dermal filler.


– CE certificated

– Biphasic

– Developed by CHA hospital, one of the biggest hospital chains in Korea

– Non-animal based hyaluronic acid

– Long-lasting

– High elasticity

– High hydrophilicity

– Cross-linked with BDDE

– 3 types: Petit(Fine wrinkles), Normal(General wrinkles), and Grand(Deep wrinkles)

– Petit Plus, Normal Plus, and Grand Plus with lidocaine


For a line of fillers based on hyaluronic acid HyaFilia is characterized by a combination of effectiveness in correcting cosmetic deficiencies, optimal plasticity when introduced and decomposed in tissues, complete biodegradation to water and carbon dioxide, no toxic component and minimal allergenicity.

Biofacial in nature Buy Hyafila with Lidocaine Online fillers allow for accurate and accurate facial correction. By adding unstabilized hyaluronic acid, the preparations have sufficient plasticity as in monophasic fillers, which facilitates their distribution in tissues. High modulus of elasticity and low yield modulus guarantee the maintenance of the effect (duration of stay in tissues 9-12 months.) The natural, highly purified hyaluronic acid included in the composition of fillers harmonically corrects age defects in the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, hands, prolonging for long natural beauty and youth skin.

The Biphase structure of the gel is a combination of biotechnological stabilized hyaluronic acid 85% and unstabilized fraction 15%.

The latest technology and composition provide the product with high ductility during introduction. Implantation gives a quick and long-lasting effect not only due to volumization, but also by improving the quality of the skin. The duration of the aesthetic effect is 6-14 months. Hyafilia preparations biodegrade to water and carbon dioxide (H2O and CO2) and are completely eliminated from the body.


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