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Stimulates the skin regenerative process

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Gives the feeling of exceptional skin freshness and purity.

Buy HyaLual AquaLual Online unique composition enhances skin tone by accelerating the natural skin metabolic processes.

Melt water mist hydrates, energises the skin cells making it look and feel firmer, less puffy and reduces spider veins and skin dullness.


Suitable for all skin types, AquaLual is perfume-free and hypoallergenic.
Unique ice crystal grid refreshes and cleanses skin.
Melt water molecules are identical in structure to your natural skin cell.
Bio-stimulates skin cells.
Increases skin metabolism.
Meltwater helps reduce the appearance of:

Thread veins and spider veins on the face.
Erythema (facial redness)
Dilated and broken capillaries on the face.

Spray over face and neck.
Avoid spraying into the eyes.

Buy HyaLual AquaLual Online spray is a skin care product to maintain and restore the
skin’s moisture balance. Thanks to its unique structure – a
combination of melt water and hyaluronic acid, the spray creates
an invisible and imperceptible membrane on the skin surface,
while maintaining the natural moisture level and not disturbing
the natural functions of the skin cells. Meltwater perfectly
restores the natural moisture balance of the skin cells and
hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture in the skin preventing
its dehydration. The Aqualual spray is indispensable in the
situations when your skin undergoes dehydration, the risk of the
whole organism’s dehydration increases as well. It may happen
while doing exercises, during the flight and sharp temperature
drops (in the conditions of an artificial climate and in
air-conditioned rooms) during the period of high solar activity,
as well as in a contaminated environment. Every time your body
gets in the situation of water imbalance risk, for instance while
training or during the flight – your skin also needs special
care! Filling your body water balance – do not forget about your
skin! Water your skinll! Repeat the procedure several times a
day, as well as in the situations of skin dehydration risk. You
can apply the spray onto the makeup! In summer time it is
especially pleasant to get a spray from the refrigerator to
refresh your skin! Unique ice crystal grid refreshes and cleanses
the skin, stimulates skin cells and helps reduce thread veins and
spider veins.


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