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Kartilage Cross (1×2.2ml)


Single injection

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Buy Kartilage Cross Online is a single intra-articular injection treatment using patented IPN-Like Technology of hyaluronic acid cross-linking with the benefits of the antioxidant mannitol. It has been specifically designed by Laboratoires Vivacy to relieve the pain of osteoarthritis in joints such as the knee and hip.

Buy Kartilage Cross Online If patients have not had success or had intolerance with painkillers, then Kartilage Cross works by restoring the lubricating and shock-absorbing properties of joint fluid, which are depleted in osteoarthritis.

IPN-like technology:

Ensures longevity of the product in the joint.
Guarantees optimum viscoelasticity for shock absorption.
Facilitates injection into all joint-related lesions.
Recommended for patients:

who cannot comply with post-injection rest periods three weeks in a row.
who dislike injections or want to minimise the number of injections.
whose joints are difficult to access.

Intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections, also known as viscosupplementation, are a treatment option for knee osteoarthritis that serves to restore the decreasing rheological properties of synovial fluid. KARTILAGE® CROSS is a visco-elastic gel of highly purified reticulated hyaluronic acid. It contains mannitol to provide an anti-oxidative action and to avoid hyaluronic acid depolymerization. Reticulation and mannitol increase the residency time of the product in the joint cavity then allowing a single injection in painful knee osteoarthritis patients. The US food and drugs administration (FDA) and European medicine agency (EMA), have recently published guidelines recommending a higher level of integration of biomarkers in the development and testing of new drugs to advance decision-making on dosing, time and treatment effect, trial design, and risk/benefit analysis. Biomarkers can be used not only in the process of drug development, but also in the future in assessment of individual patient’s response to treatment. Several soluble biomarkers have been identified as potential candidates to predict or monitor the efficacy of intervention. Coll2-1, a degradation product of type II collagen, and Coll2-1NO2, a nitrated form of the Coll2-1 peptide have been studied in human osteoarthritis and entered the qualification process. Evidences demonstrated them to be pertinent and to be foresee as markers used for the diagnosis, the prognosis, the burden of disease and the monitoring of a treatment efficacy. The aim of this study was to provide with the first kinetic data regarding biomarkers in painful knee osteoarthritis patients treated with a new reticulated hyaluronic acid. The effects of the treatment were compared to those of saline solution. The primary endpoint was a specific osteoarthritis biomarker, Coll2-1. The secondary endpoints were the effects of the treatment or placebo on other biomarkers of osteoarthritis, its clinical efficacy and tolerance


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