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Filorga LED Booster – 40ml


Stimulate the synthesis of key skin proteins

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Buy LED Booster Online is designed to stimulate the skin’s regeneration through the effects of light when diffused by LEDs. Containing active ingredients including plant extracts.

Use with the Lumitherapist LED device to produce safe results that improve the skin’s texture and radiance.

In combination together, the LED device and LED booster can increase collage production and restoring the original cutaneous and hyaluronic acid production.

Synthesis of Laminin 5, a significant skin protein is stimulated via Lumitherapist treatment with LED Booster.

What do I receive in the box?

1 x 40 ml LED Booster

What are the Benefits of LED Booster?

LED Booster is recommended for:

Anti-ageing for visibly younger skin
Improve skin texture, firmness and complexion
Boosting hyaluronic acid production
Erase red spots using the zero skin flaw treatment
How should I use LED Booster?

Cleanse skin thoroughly before apply LED Booster to the whole face. Select a program from the LED Lumitherapist out of:


Zero Skin Flaws


Finally start the 5 minute Lumitherapist session, where the device will end itself after the program is completed.

No rinsing required.

The  Filorga LED-Booster Anti-Aging Led-Light Activator is an anti-aging care specially developed to potentiate the effects of LED light and thus regenerate the skin. The synergistic combination of this care with the LED device of the Lumitherapist ensures firmness of the skin, quality of the skin and ensures a beautiful appearance. The unique formula contains matrikine and a combination of plant extracts that:
– Accelerate the regeneration of the skin and let the LED light have a deeper effect on the collagen production
– Strengthens the anti-pigmentation effect of the LED light by reducing the redness
– Acts as a skin-thickening stimulation that stimulates the formation of hyaluronic acid and laminin 5, a very important protein in the skin layers that provides firmness
– Protects against free radicals that damage the skin thanks to the patented NCTF complex


The Lumitherapist set from Filorga affects the main skin aging symptoms (wrinkles, spots, sagging skin) and most skin defects (irregularities, dull complexion, red spots, dilated pores).


Apply your Buy LED Booster Online Activator to the entire face or where you are going to treat the skin. The skin must be completely clean from makeup and impurities. Then select your program and follow the instructions. This gel does not have to be washed off and can even be used between 2 sessions to make the effect even stronger.


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