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Anti Aging effect

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Buy Mandelac C Online Exfoliating Gel contains mandelic acid, recommended for skins that intolerant to other alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).

Mandelic acid has the ability to synthesise collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) with an appealing depigmenting action alongside antibacterial properties and sebum regulating benefits too. Controlling the amount of oil in the skin controls the level of acne and other skin disorders.

Mandelac is a line of products formulated with m andelic acid, especially recommended for skins that are intolerant to other alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs).

Mandelic acid, also known as amygdalic acid or 2-phenylglyoxylic acid, is an AHA derived from the hydrolysis of bitter almond extract.

It is commonly used for the treatment of photoaged skin, irregular pigmentation, non-cystic inflammatory acne, and to prepare the skin before and after laser resurfacing.

Buy Mandelac C Online of products is suitable for sensitive skins. The relatively large molecule size of m andelic acid slows down the penetration through the stratum corneum, without causing itching or irritation.

Also suitable to prepare skin before and after laser resurfacing.

What does Mandelac C contain?

30% Citric Acid
20% Mandelic Acid
pH 0.5-1.5
What are the benefits of using Mandelac C?

Treat aged skin
Directions for use

Apply 1-3 coats evenly over the area to be treated using a gauze soaked in the solution. Wait for coats to dry before applying next coat.


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