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Melaspeel K 40000834


Treats hyperpigmentations, active acne, seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea

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All the peels in Buy Melaspeel K Online line of products originate from Jessne´s solution formula. Formulated in a hydroalcoholic base with a combination mixture of hydroxy acids (lactic, citric, and salicylic acids).

The pH of all the peels in this line of products varies between pH2.0 and 2.5.

What does Melaspeel K contain?

14% Lactic acid
12% Citric acid
5% Kojic acid
2% Salicylic acid
What are the benefits of using Melaspeel K?

Treating hyperpigmentations
What are the directions for use?

Buy Melaspeel K OnlineThe method of use for all products in this family range is by coat application. After the first coat, wait 3 minutes for penetration and drying to occur before applying the second coat. Always assess the amount of erythema and presence of whitening signs. Once all the coats have been completed, a slightly acidic pH cream has to be applied to seal the treatment (such as Acglicolic classic – cream gel forte o Retises CT yellow peel).

How many coats?

Begin with 2 coats, slowly increasing the number of applications. To increase the depth of penetration, increase the pressure of application. For dark skin, only 2 coats of solutions with resorcinol should be applied to prevent risk of inflammation.

Fitzpatrick´s skin types I and II tolerate 5-6 coats of the solution.


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