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 Buy Organic Intense LV Online

Buy Organic Intense LV Online  has high viscoelasticity and high modelability. It gives deep tissue restoration of volume and correction: Intense LV is suitable especially for deep filling of skin depressions in strong aged skin, including:

deep wrinkles
nasolabial folds
nose modelling
face contouring
Benefits include:

This filler contains a high concentration of hyaluronic acid – 26 mg/ml
High viscoelasticity
Fantastic voluminous results
Natural results
Buy Organic Intense LV Online  fillers are biomimetic, thanks to the PEG-cross-linked technology, they have an high safety and tolerability profile.

Each Neauvia Filler reference is based on a specific combination of HA and PEG for different indications and injection planes.


  • 26 mg/ml HA, cross-linked with PEG
  • Glycine and L-Proline.
  • NO BDDE.


  • Deep tissue restoration of volume & correction.
  • Naso-labial folds filling.


Naso-labial folds. Thanks to the advantages of IPN technology Intense LV is highly adaptive to the tissue which helps to achieve desired results. It is suitable especially to deep filling of skin depression (included deep wrinkles and nasolabial folds), cheeks, chin and nose modeling, face contouring, in moderate and strongly aged skin.


This product contains an high concentration of hyaluronic acid 26 mg/ml.
Like all Neauvia fillers it is made from the purest source of hyaluronic acid (Bacillus subtilis) and it is cross-linked with PEG polymer to obtain an IPN technology.
In addition to hyaluronic acid it contains amino acids Glycine and L-Proline that are main ingredients of collagen.
It gives fantastic volumetric results shaping the injected area in the natural way.


  • High concentration of HA and high viscoelasticity.
  • Ultra-safe profile thanks to Bacillus subtilis and PEG.
  • Optimal rheology properties giving remarkable and natural correction.
  • Slow biodegradation and long lasting results.


The Neauvia Organic line offers products for filling tissue losses. It guarantees natural look and minimizes the risk of adverse reactions.
Neauvia range of fillers are biomimetic. Thanks to the PEG-cross-linked technology, they have an high safety and tolerability profile. Each Neauvia Filler reference is based on a specific combination of HA and PEG for different indication and injection planes.
Neauvia Organic is manufactured using hyaluronic acid produced by a non-pathogenic strain of Bacillus subtilis, which is targeted at increasing the safety of treatments and allows to avoid reactive responses caused by protein residues.


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