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Filorga Skin Perfusion P-Bright Serum 30ml


For dark spots

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Buy Perfusion P-Bright Online containing phytic acid reduces the appearance of dark spots and evens out the skin tone for a healthier, more youtful skin. Contains phytic acid that exfoliates the skin and inhibits the production of melanin. Vitamin C prevents pigmentations and acts anti-inflammatory. A brightening plant arabino xylose complex adresses several levels of melanin production.

Buy Perfusion P-Bright Online Skin Perfusion Regulates
melanogenesis, brightens and revives, for uniform, clearer, purer
skin. Dark spots, unevenness, lack of radiance. . Phytic acid :
Used in many medical chemical peels for its visible action on
cutaneous uniformity. Arabino-xyloses 1-4 : New generation active
ingredient coming from innovation in phytochemical fragmentation
to visibly reduce the look of dark spots.

 Vitamin C : Known to be
a powerful anti-oxidant, used to brighten the complexion. Papain
carbomer : Mild enzymatic exfoliator with a unifying and
radiance-enhancing effect . For all skin type . Apply morning and
evening on the day cream or night .

Brightening serum for an even skin tone.
Treats pigmentations in several levels.
Contains exfoliating phytic acid and papain.
Using a high SPF can help treat pigmentations.

P-BRIGHT SERUM visibly acts on cutaneous uniformity, reduces the look of dark spots
and brightens the complexion. Thanks to the innovative combination of Phytic acid, Vitamin C, Arabino-xyloses β1-4 and Papain-carbomer.

Application for Serums:

Apply only to the areas of concern. There is no need to apply the Serum everywhere. Use only what you need for best results.


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