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Buy PPC-LIPO Online

Buy PPC-LIPO Online Phosphatidylcholine is a lipolytic active ingredient to emulsify solid fat deposits into a poorly dense oleo-aqueous mass, easing their solubility, transport, and elimination through the natural process out of the body.

What can Nano Meso Solution PPC-LIPO be used for?

Treating cellulite and localised adiposities (fat deposits)
What are the benefits of Nano Meso Solution PPC-LIPO?

Emulsification of solid, stubborn fat deposits
Easing fat solubility, transport and elimination out of the body

What are PPC Injections?

PPC (Phosphatidylcholine) Buy PPC-LIPO Online Injections, Spotlighted as the latest solution to Obesity is being called the 2nd bottoxx. No single case of side effects Has been reported in the clinical trial over 11,582 Patients implemented in the UK & USA and have been made even more renowned since Hollywood celebrities like Britney Spears and Many Other took this PPC Solution treatment, and it Ends up with success. It has now become trendy in over 71 countries

Characteristics of Lipo Lap PPC Solution

  • No need for anaesthesia as it barely generate sprain
  • More Efficacious and more comfortable the rapythan liposuction
  • Unlike existing mode such as mesotherapy which only decreases the size of the fat cell, lipo PPC dissolves, destroy fat cells and exhaust them out of the body through sweat, urine and internal combustion, which doesn’t incur the so-called yo-yo phenomenon
  • Cheaper cost than existing liposuction surgery
  • Useful for removing cellulite and enhances skin elasticity
  • Such a simple therapy that barely affects everyday life
  • Solves the obesity of particular parts where exercises can’t do
  • Gamma irradiated Lipo Lab solution secures safe treatment and raw materials of 99.8% purity fro Germany maximises the efficacy of lipolysis.
  • Alert! Patients with the following symptoms or diseases should not take PPC treatment, a patient of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke and arteriosclerosis and those allergic to peas and beans

How To Use

  • Shake Vials well to combine the deposited particles on rock bottom.
  • Draw 1 Vial of Lipo Lab PPC Solutions With 10mlof Syringe
  • In Case of abdomen/waist, inject 0.7-0.8ml on the spot and move to nest half an inch or a centimeter distant. By doing, therefore, you’ll consume a total PPC 8-10 Vials at a treatment depending on fatness degree, and you’re recommended to repeat this treatment 4 to 5 times at 10 10to 15 days interval, which will lead a patient to consume 3 to 5 box to complete a whole process of treatment. This entire process will end up with a reduction of 4 to 6 Inch
  • Just In case of other parts such as double chin armpit, upper arm and thigh, you are required to adjust(mostly diminish)injection quantity according to the obesity degree of the part to be injected.
  • Caution! As PPC solution also dissolve muscles and nerves, you should be careful to inject it subcutaneously and must not insert it on the parts below knees were nerves are densely concentrated.


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