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Retiage Anti-Ageing Serum 40001734


For premature ageing

Merciless to wrinkles, gentle to your skin.

Retinol is “the king” of antiaging products and Retiage serum contains the 3-Retinol system of Sesderma: 3 different retinoids, of sustained release, to act together and with an excellent tolerance for every type of skin. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, increases firmness and hydration and evens out the skin tone.

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Buy Retiage Anti-Ageing Online Prevent and correct the signs of skin ageing caused primarily by chronological ageing: expression lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity, brightness and tone. All skin types. Base treatment to enhance results. 30ml. Powerful anti-ageing action and excellent tole- rance thanks to its 3-Retinol System of sustained release. Retinoids stimulate the proliferation of keratinocytes, normalise the exfoliation process and improve skin texture and tone. The combination with other active ingredients like hydrolysed hyaluronic acid or growth factor TGF-B2 enhances the effects, at the same time improving tolerance.

Is it indicated for me?

There is a first moment when thesigns of aging start to appear on your face. However, it is during a second period that lines are more prominent and the skin looks drier and tired. If you are experimenting this, Retiage serum is your solution: highest tolerance and anti-wrinkles efficiency. You may apply it either during the day or at night and you can use it on all types of skin.

However, note that it is better to use retinoids only during your night routine, in the case of periods of frequent sun exposure.

A plus: when it’s time for a goodnight kiss, you’ll surely hear: “you smell so good!”

If you are pregnant, it is preferable to choose one of our antiage creams that are free of retinoids.

If you are pregnant, it is preferable to choose one of our antiage creams that are free of retinoids.

  •  Face
  •  Dropper
  •  All Skin Types
  •  Once a day
  •  Day and/or night
  •  Serum


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