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Nano Meso Solution Retises – 40000570


Treats skin aging, acne, hyperpigmentations, acne scars and stretch marks.

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Buy Solution Retises Online Retinol accelerates mitosis, increases enzymatic activity, and normalise keratinisation. Prevents and reduces the depth of the wrinkles and scars, and reduces the levels of collagenase. Attenuates blemishes by modulating the proliferation and movement of altered melanocytes. Reverts the damage caused by the sun, restoring the levels of vitamin A reduced by UVA radiation.

What can Nano Meso Solution Retises be used for?

Treating acne, scars, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks.
What are the benefits of Nano Meso Solution Retises?

Mitosis acceleration
keratinisation normalised
Depth of wrinkles and scars reduced
Reduces collagenase
Attenuates blemishes
Reverses UVA radiation damage
How should Nano Meso Solution Retises be administered?

Coat application. The application of this line of Buy Solution Retises Online products is done by coats. After the first coat is applied, wait approximately 3 minutes to allow the penetration and drying of the solution. Then apply the next coat, always controlling the skin between each coat to assess the degree of erythema and the presence or absence of whitening signs. Once all the coats have been applied, a cream with a slightly acidic pH has to be applied to seal the treatment (Acglicolic classic – cream gel forte o Retises CT yellow peel).

Number of coats. It is recommended to start the treatment with 2 coats and increase the number in subsequent applications. Intensifying the pressure when applying the product or using more solution increases the depth of penetration. In people with dark skin no more than 2 coats of solutions with resorcinol should be applied due to risk of inflammation. Fitzpatrick´s skin types I and II can tolerate up to 5-6 coats of the solution. The coats can be applied on a specific area to be treated or only on the lesions. In this case, different solutions can be used, applying the weakest solution over the whole face and the strongest solution focally on the lesions.


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