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Filorga Time Zero 30ml


Create revitalised looking skin instantly whilst keeping wrinkles away.

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Buy Time Zero Online Multi-Correction Wrinkles Serum combines two of unique formulas to visibly reduce the look of both deep-set and surface Wrinkles. Create a younger-looking, revitalised complexion with the Time-Zero serum.

What do I receive in the box?

1 x 30 ml Filorga Time Zero serum

What are the Benefits of Filorga Time Zero?

Filorga Time Zero is recommended for:

Creating younger looking skin
Reducing wrinkles
When should Filorga Time Zero be applied?

Apply every morning before your usual moisturiser
Use at night if desired

For more than 35 years, Filorga’s high-performing medical anti-ageing solutions such as hyaluronic acid injections and glycolic peelings, have been used by top medical practitioners and surgeons in over 60 countries around the world. Buy Time Zero Online went on to create Medi-cosmetique, the first dermo-cosmetic product range in France that was directly inspired by non surgical anti-ageing procedures. These products combine the extreme effectiveness of aesthetic medicine with the added luxury of everyday skincare.

A powerful elixir that combines two unique formulas of anti-ageing technology to remove the appearance of all types of wrinkles. Three hyaluronic acid-based ingredients combine to create a filling effect that plumps up the skin and corrects deep set wrinkles. A combination of matrikines and NCTF complex tones skin tissue and eases wrinkles caused by tiredness. Tripeptide-hexapeptide creates a botox-like effect that relaxes the face, minimising contraction wrinkles. Finally, Gluconolactone and a special exfoliating ingredient resurface the skin, dealing with surface wrinkles and causing fine lines to fade.

To use: Apply mornings and/or evenings before your usual moisturiser.


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