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Dr Q Light Bronze Tint Foundation Sunscreen (1x50ml)


For sun protection SPF100

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Buy Tint Foundation Online

Buy Tint Foundation Online is effective protection without affecting your make up. it prevents getting tanned as well.

Apply directly or mix with your foundation.

  • UVA & UVB block with a light bronze tint.
  • Can be applied on face, lips and under eye.
  • Perfect for both light skin & dark skin.
  • Contains GLUTATHIONE
  • Non comedogenic, does not cause white or black heads.
  • Can be used post peel, and post laser.


  • You can apply directly or mix it with your foundation.
  • Remember sunscreen is only effective if you apply generously, & frequently. Its recommended to apply every hour or less if necessary.
  • Reapply after swimming or perspiration.
  • The Moisturizing, Long wear, Intensely pigmented formula blends seamlessly into skin and covers like Concealer.
  • Quick application, Lightweight finish works well on all skin types.
  • Shade range includes from lightest to the dark.
  • Buy Tint Foundation Online works well for normal to combination skin and also for the oily skin.
  • If a skin is towards the drier side apply moisturizer before to go with this.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) radiation and visible light are both part of the electromagnetic spectrum. UV radiation is composed of three different wavelengths: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC is mostly absorbed by the ozone layer, so UVA and UVB are the primary wavelengths that penetrate the skin’s surface. The harmful effects of UV light on the skin have been well documented. UVA is primarily responsible for premature skin aging, and UVB has been implicated in sunburns and skin cancer. The primary source of UV radiation is sunlight.

    Visible light is also emitted by the sun. It is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be perceived by the human eye. Visible light may also come from artificial sources, including medical devices, screens, and light bulbs. Visible light has several skin-related therapeutic uses at specific wavelengths, including treatment of superficial blood vessels, removing unwanted hair, and treating acne and precancerous skin lesions.


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