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HyaLual WOW Mask (5 sheets)


Reduce the appearance of swelling, baggy skin and dark circles

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Buy WOW Mask Online Use post-procedure to relieve sensitive, stressed skin or can be used as a weekly treatment to keep skin hydrated and plump.


Provides a lifting effect.
Reduces dynamic and fine wrinkles.
Deep skin rehydrationRestores skin elasticity and tone.
Lightens skin and prevents hyperpigmentation.
Smoothes irritated skin.
Reduces redness and puffiness with a cooling gel effect.
Protects cells from UV damage.
Enhances proliferation of stem cells.
Maintains natural healthy skin glow.
Good for all skin types with no side effects.
Especially effective in areas around eyes.

Clean and dry the face.
Remove the mask from the packaging and apply to face.
Leave on the face for 20-40 minutes.
Remove the mask gently.

Buy WOW Mask Online Facial Treatments Bio-peptide Aqua Gel mask with RMCP
– complex WOW Mask is the professional aqua gel mask for
immediate visible results of skin restoration. It is based on an
innovative technology and components to ensure that you feel and
look younger after the very first use. Benefits: – Reduces the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles – Delivers 200% more
hydration to the skin (vs other collagen-based moisturizing
treatments) – Helps your skin to feel smooth – Improves the
feeling of skin elasticity – reduces pore size WOW Mask contains
Argireline, RMCP-complex, collagen matrix enriched with peptides,
vegetable cell extracts. Hyalual WOW mask Peptide aqua gel mask
with RMCP-complex for professional use Innovative technology
called TCD (Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery) – effective
ingredients get active by the skin temperature. Instant
absorption of ingredients into the lower skin levels – improves
skin elasticity – delivers 200% more hydration to the skin (vs
other collagen-based moisturizing treatments) – reduces pore size
– reduces wrinkles express facial renovation – Provides a lifting
effect – Moisturizes the skin – Smoothes the skin structure –
Improves skin elasticity – Reduces dynamic wrinkles – Protects
cells from UV damage – Enhances proliferation of human stem cells
– Whitens the skin Mask basic ingredient collagen matrix enriched
with peptides, vegetable cell extracts Mask active ingredient –
Argireline argireline penetrates into basal layer of epidermis,
into nerves receptors to have an effect on muscle contractions
thus relaxing facial muscles.


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