Liposomal Ferulac Anti-Aging System – Cream . The treatment is strongly anti-oxidant and deeply moisturizing recommended for the skin affected by photo-aging, consisting of two steps. Reduces damage caused by the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays such as dehydration, discoloration, wrinkles.Therapy recommended for the first signs of photorejuvenation as well as effective prevention. Closure in nansomes excellent combination of ferulic acid, florettine, vitamins C, E and A synergistically, increasing their antioxidant effect. In addition, protecting the skin from harmful sun, dry air and dirt. The preparation stimulates the synthesis of collagen by rebuilding the damaged fibers. The main ingredient in Ferulac is ferulic acid, the strongest and most effective photoprotective component. The Ferulac line is dedicated to mature ceruleas.

Step 1: Liposomal Ferulac – Antioxidant Cream : ferulic acid, florettine, vitamin C, E and A, jojoba oil

Step 2: Liposomal Ferulac HA – Moisturizing Cream : High and Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic AcidPrevents and treats photo-aging to avoid and minimise the damage caused by the sun: dehydration, wrinkles and blemishes.