Liposomal Ferulac Mist is rich in beneficial ingredients formulation that protects the skin against the effects of external factors (UVA, UVB, pollution, tobacco). Contains antioxidants and photoprotective agents (ferulic acid, floretyl, vitamin C + E + A), which enhance the synthesis and repair of collagen. Minimizes sun damage (wrinkles, discolorations, dehydration), preventing and treating skin photoaging. Mist is an innovative range of products based on the latest solutions. Light consistency in the form of mist promotes penetration, strengthens and accelerates the penetration into the skin of active ingredients. In addition, the immediate relaxing and refreshing effect provides fine droplets of the preparation. Skin makes the effect younger, becomes softer, visibly smoother and nourished.

Liposomes are tiny bubbles of the same composition as human cells. They allow you to close the active ingredients and transfer them without risk of injury to release them at the target site in the dermis. Ideally designed atomizer for easy and fast application. The preparation is efficient, a small amount of spray mist is enough to cover the entire face. The package is averagely per month for daily use.