A facial lotion designed to treat cutaneous ageing. Contains ingredients natural origin (growth factors) which effectively delay ageing in skin cells. Moisturises, has antioxidant properties and reduces deep wrinkles. Ideal for sensitive skins.

SESDERMA MEN contains growth factors in its formulation in order to regulate cell activity and normalise inter-cell communication. Its composition includes active principles which are both ground-breaking and effective: pelvetia canaliculata extract. These are essential growth factors and antioxidants in plants which delay the ageing of plant cells and have the same effect on human skin cells.

Ingredients: Growth factors, plant stem cells, biometric peptides, pelvetia canaliculata extract (a wild alga rich in cytokinins, plant growth factors), eryngyum maritimum extract (a hardy plant with good adaptive ability) and centella asiatica extract (a hardy plant with good adaptive ability).