Intensely and immediately restores the hair from root to tip, hydrating and nourishing it and returning it to the ideal texture. Arginine is a hair softening agent, able to moisturize hair fibers, hair loss is a symptom of arginine deficiency. Silk proteins maintain the natural moisture of the scalp, also have a strong absorption in the scalp, giving strength. This active ingredient also puts a flexible film on the hair preventing dryness. Its concentrated Wheat Germ extracts nourish the scalp and possess antioxidant and free radical capturing properties, ideal for dry, weak or abused hair. Bardana extract has bacteriostatic properties and also stimulates blood circulation and revitalizes the hair. This extract is known to stimulate hair growth. Panthenol acts nurturing and repairing the hair, it also allows the hair to maintain an optimal level of moisture, ensuring flexibility. The moisturizing action is enhanced by the addition of aloe vera as its high content of vitamins and moisturizing agents provide the hair with maximum brightness and vitality, and make it easier to comb.